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Friday, July 01, 2016
Canajoharie, NY ,

Joshua Thomas
The East Hill Reservoir


Village Board hires Lamont Engineering to conduct water study

Thursday, January 09, 2014 - Updated: 3:02 AM


C-S-E Editor

CANAJOHARIE -- During Tuesday's Village Board of Canajoharie meeting, the board unanimously approved an approximately $17,000 water study, which will be conducted by Lamont Engineers. 

In May, 2013, the village reviewed bids for a paint job (internal and external) on the East Hill Reservoir (the water tower located behind the Canajoharie Central School bus garage). While the board was expecting the work to cost around $100,000, the bids came in, on average, at four times that figure. 

The low bidder withdrew and the village board decided to reject the remaining bids.

As a result, Lamont Engineers has identified five potential alternatives to painting the East Hill Reservoir. The water study will determine which option is the most cost feasible and will have the greatest long term impact.

The first option includes the construction of a 100,000 gallon glass-lined tank. Lamont Engineers' written presentation to the board stated, "To achieve the same pressure, a tank would need to be situated uphill of the existing tank location toward Wintergreen Park approximately 2,200 LF." This option would possibly require rock excavation.

The second option would be to construct a 450,000 gallon glass lined standpipe at the location of the existing reservoir. Lamont Engineers stated, "The primary issue with this option is that there may not be enough draw for turning the tank over, resulting in insufficient chlorine residual and or excessive concentrations of disinfection byproducts."

Option three would include the construction of an elevated 100,000 gallon glass-lined tank at the location of the existing reservoir. The base would be a 90 foot high concrete pedestal with a 100,000 gallon glass-lined tank (30 foot diameter by 30 foot height) set on top.

Option four would utilize VFD-controlled booster pumps that would be capable of meeting fire flows for the high elevation service area. The installation of booster pumps at the existing pump station, on Abeling St., would eliminate the need for the East Hill Reservoir. 

All five options would involve the demolition of the existing East Hill Reservoir, with the fifth option specifically considering whether a tank on East Hill would be necessary at all.

The East Hill Reservoir was initially constructed to help sustain pressure and flow in the East Hill area when the Beech-Nut facility was in full operation. Now that Beech-Nut is no longer in use, the reservoir may no longer be necessary.

The services provided by Lamont Engineers during the water study will include "consultation and coordination with the village Mayor, chief water operator and NYSDOH Officials, hydraulic evaluation of the East Hill area water distribution system", including the evaluation of proposed conditions under each of the five alternatives, "life cycle cost analysis for each of the five alternatives" and "evaluations of the pros and cons" of each.

The water study will be paid for from the 2015 budget's water fund. The water study is scheduled to begin in May, and is expected complete by September. The testing process will involve the use of pressure gauges and reading devices, which will determine flow to specific areas.

The study will likely only impact those on East Hill, and residents will be warned in advance of any testing that may effect their area.


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