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Thursday, June 30, 2016
Canajoharie, NY ,

Joshua Thomas
The former Beech-Nut plant facing Route 5S.

Joshua Thomas
A view of a warehouse space from Incinerator Road.

Joshua Thomas
The front of the former Beech-Nut, which used to contain offices, facing Church St.


Reassessment of former Beech-Nut to facilitate tax revenue reduction

Wednesday, January 29, 2014 - Updated: 11:42 AM


C-S-E Editor

CANAJOHARIE -- While the purchase of the former Beech-Nut facility by TD Development, LLC is positive in the sense that it will undoubtedly bring jobs and an economic boost to Canajoharie -- as many storefronts and restaurants took a hit when Beech-Nut ceased operations in the village -- a tax revenue hit is also imminent.

Annually, and even after vacating the facility, Beech-Nut paid $97,000 a year in tax revenue to the village -- 10 percent of the village's annual $937,000 intake -- based on the structure's current, outdated 9.4 million dollar assessment. 

The building was purchased by TD Development, LLC for $200,000, according to a deed filed with the Montgomery County Clerk's Office. Montgomery County Economic and Planning Director Ken Rose confirmed Tuesday that TD Development, LLC representatives "have been in discussion" with the town and village of Canajoharie, Montgomery County and the Canajoharie Central School District "in relation to a potential reassessment in association with the purchase, and a potential pilot."

Rose continued, "With regards to the current assessed value on that property, there's going to be some adjustment that's necessary to that assessment value based on the value of that site."

Though Mayor Francis Avery said steps have been taken to lessen the blow of any potential reduced tax intake, including Department of Public Works staff cuts and the utilization of part time union employees, the village is not out of the woods just yet. 

"We have been working on a worst case scenario. I think that's the only sound thing to do," said Avery, who said that mitigating measures have also included leaving vacant a full time position left by a retirement.

"We've been anticipating this for some time, and have been working to position ourselves so it will not be a catastrophic hit," said Avery, who said that although he's encouraged by conversations with TD Development, LLC, representatives of which he stated, "our meetings, to date, have always been amicable," the cuts made by the village  "don't come close" to making up for the potential tax revenue loss.

Avery said he's looking forward to an economic and job force boost thanks to the company's arrival, though he said that nobody should expect an instant economic boon. 

"It's going to take place over a period of time," Avery said.

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