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Linda Kellett - Workers with ALX Hunter Excavation, Inc., of Little Falls, walk to the site of the slope stabilization project on Clinton Avenue Extension overlooking the village of Fort Plain. According to Superintendent Mel Colomi, the company is fixing the slope with heavy stone fill. Additionally, company official Bob Donnlley said an excavator will be located at the bottom of the steep bank overlooking downtown Fort Plain and a keyway will be dug that will tie into the existing rock. Rock will then be brought all the way to the top of the slope.

Linda Kellett - Large rocks that will be used for the slope stabilization project on Clinton Avenue Extension can be seen high above downtown Fort Plain.


Work to retain, repair Clinton Ave. Ext. begins

Thursday, January 31, 2013 - Updated: 9:04 AM


C-S-E Editor

FORT PLAIN — Work to repair the deteriorating Clinton Avenue Extension began Sunday, Jan. 27, with ALX Hunter Excavation, Inc., of Little Falls, working to install a new roadway and retain Prospect Hill along Otsquago Creek.

After FEMA made an emergency declaration agreeing to cover the cost of repairs, with the State Emergency Management Association also pitching in funding, the village board immediately put out bids for the project. The 11 bids, overseen by McDonald Engineering, who approved the winning bid prior to the board’s acceptance of it, ranged from a low bid of $191,999.93, submitted by ALX Hunter Excavation, Inc., to a high bid of $376,273.

Fort Plain Mayor Guy Barton said that work has begun to “firm up the hill,” which includes the process of dropping large boulders into the creek. The boulders will then be moved into retaining positions along the bottom of the hill.

The project, which was delayed one week because last week’s below-zero weather affected the operation of ALX Hunter Excavation, Inc.’s machinery, will include the replacement of storm sewer lines and the installation of catch basins, which will counteract the eroding effect of the natural springs that run throughout the hill. Mayor Barton said that the excessive water running through and off of the hill “causes the problem of the hill shifting.”

After the current roadway is removed, the rocks underneath it will be used in the creation of the creek bed retaining wall.

The new roadway will be installed to the direct right of the current road, with ALX Hunter Excavation, Inc., digging about 10 feet into the hill so that the new road will not exist at the hill’s edge, ensuring that it will be kept from “sliding into the creek,” according to Barton. Once the new road is complete, guardrails will also be installed along its full length.

Barton noted that site work will be complete by mid-March, not including blacktop installation, which must be done in warm weather. The project’s completion in full is scheduled for June 1, 2013.

FEMA and SEMA have agreed to provide a combined total of $244,140 for the repairs — significantly more than ALX Hunter Excavation, Inc.’s bid. While the village is not obligated to use all of the money, the excess funds will ensure that the project can move forward in the face of potential unforeseen setbacks.

Barton noted that the village board hopes to make headway on the Otsquago Creek project in the vicinity of Reid and Abbott streets this year. Engineering has been completed, and the village board is just waiting on FEMA to report back with bluebook figures. At that point, the village will be able to move forward in seeking necessary funding.


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