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Sunday, June 26, 2016
Canajoharie, NY ,

Joshua Thomas
The West Grand Street, Palatine Bridge storage facility was found flooded Friday by volunteers.

Joshua Thomas
Volunteers wade into ankle-deep flood waters Friday in their Palatine Bridge storage facility.

Joshua Thomas
Flood water filled both halves of the partitioned storage facility in Palatine Bridge Friday.

Joshua Thomas
Flood Volunteer Coordinator Cyndi Tracy shows the height of the flood waters on some damaged items.


Volunteers find storage unit flooded

Wednesday, February 26, 2014 - Updated: 9:50 AM


C-S-E Editor

CANAJOHARIE -- On Friday afternoon, flood volunteer coordinators Gail Adamoschek and Cyndi Tracy were discouraged upon their arrival to their Palatine Bridge storage unit, as they found it flooding, with tons of donated items partially submerged in muddy water.

"It's devastating. It's so hard to see," commented Tracy, crying, though upright and helping as much as possible despite the fact that she broke her tailbone in two places early last week.

When asked how she was up and about with a broken tailbone, Tracy's answer was simple and direct -- "dedication."

"It feels better standing, anyway," she explained of her aching back.

"We were literally moving out of another of my storages today to bring stuff down here," to the former bus garage on West Grand St., explained Adamoschek of the day's goal, utilizing 16 members of the First Reformed Church of Schenectady to move donated items from a paid storage unit in Sloansville to the free space in Palatine Bridge.

Adamoschek said of the storage unit in Sloansville, "I maintained a unit up there for the duration of the Schoharie flood. Our church has been bringing in supplies for years now."

Upon entering the Palatine Bridge facility, which they'd visited only one day prior to find just a small puddle, the group found that the both sides of the partitioned garaged had flooded. One one side, the water rose to above ankle level, soaking through the shoes and socks of the volunteers as they moved from place to place, shoveling and pushing out massive puddles. The other side flooded about a foot deep.

"We're thinking it flooded because of the excess snow build up with the warm weather and rain," said Tracy, pointing out a section of the wall with missing pieces, providing views to the outside, where a large pile of melting snow pressed against the building.

Tracy had asked Fort Plain's Mayor Guy Barton to send over equipment to move the snow. Fort Plain Department of Public Works employees had been on scene earlier that day to plow the driveway so the volunteers could pull in the truck full of donated items.

Located in the storage unit during the flooding was flooring, cabinets, furniture, cleaning kits, mop buckets, blankets and more, including a heavy, expensive, donated door scheduled to be installed soon at the Weber family house on Abbott St.

After a couple hours in Palatine Bridge, about half of the volunteers moved on to Weber's Abbott St. home, where they shoveled off the snowy foundation in pouring rain, preparing the home for weekend construction work.

Aside from a couple waterlogged, destroyed pieces of cabinetry, the group luckily stumbled upon the flooding in time to save most of their donated stock. "I think we would've been in really big trouble," if the group had shown up any later, said Tracy, thankful that some of the items in the storage unit were waterproof, including front doors, which were right in the water.

"The doors will be OK, because they're resilient for weather," commented Tracy, noting that in preventing further flooding, the group was planning to spend the day putting items up on pallets. She also said they'd likely bring in a pump to continue clearing the water.

"We'll be a little more vigilant," checking the unit more frequently to prevent further incidents, Tracy concluded.

Joshua Thomas - This weatherproof door was scheduled for installation at an Abbott St. home.

Joshua Thomas - First Reformed Church of Schenectady volunteer Daniel Eckert shovels snow Friday.

Joshua Thomas - Volunteers from the First Reformed Church of Schenectady clear flood waters from the front of the West Grand St., Palatine Bridge storage facility Friday.

Joshua Thomas - Volunteers from the First Reformed Church of Schenectady clear flood waters from the front of the West Grand St., Palatine Bridge storage facility Friday.

Joshua Thomas - In pouring rain, volunteers from the First Reformed Church of Schenectady remove snow from an Abbott St. home foundation Friday so work could commence Saturday.


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