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Monday, June 27, 2016
Canajoharie, NY ,

Board to seek information regarding potential historic district

Wednesday, March 06, 2013 - Updated: 9:17 AM


C-S-E Editor

CANAJOHARIE — After receiving an email urging Mayor Francis Avery to look into the village's potential for National Historic Register inclusion, he contacted Erin Tobin, of the State Historic Preservation Office, who visited the village, spending a significant amount of time "going through what this national register is all about," said Avery. 

Avery and Tobin walked various parts of the village, with Avery learning that the potential exists for buildings or homes to individually, or as a block, quality for inclusion on the National Historic Register.

Avery said he asked numerous questions about the process, which would potentially aim to name a historic district, and was informed that "it simply means, if you wish to do some improvements to your home, and you're in the district, and you follow their guidelines, you can get a 20 percent tax credit." Commercial properties could potentially qualify for increased tax credits of up to 40 percent.

To be part of a historic district, which homeowners may opt out of, does not restrict what the property owner can do to their building with their own money, Avery explained.

After presenting this information, he asked the board whether they'd be interested in hearing more, to which they issued a positive response. Avery noted that he'd call Tobin to set up an informational meeting, free of charge to the village.

Dave Collins, vice president of the Canajoharie Little League Board of Directors, approached the village board Tuesday, informing them that there have been Little League board lineup changes. Collins said that the new board of directors is unaware of how things used to operate, but noted a desire to work with the village board to "make sure we're doing everything in accordance with the best wishes of the community."

Collins also presented the village board with a certificate of insurance, along with an electricity bill for the last Little League season, from March through September, 2012, in the amount of $748. Under previous mayor Leigh Fuller, it was decided that $1,000 would be allocated for those expenses.

Trustee Ron Dievendorf said that when he was mayor, the village board received a letter each spring from the Little League Board of Directors stating responsibilities on both ends, which would then be signed and returned.

The village board agreed to peruse their existing Little League file in order to find information regarding previous payment practices, agreeing to contact Collins when they obtain the appropriate information.

Fire Chief Frank Nestle presented the village board with the Canajoharie Volunteer Fire Department's tentative junior member guidelines, outlining the rules and regulations for lowering the department's member age from 18 to 16, Monday. 

Dievendorf moved to table the acceptance of the document until the April 2 monthly meeting so that the board has the "due time to give it the consideration it deserves."

Nestle said he's going to present the document to the fire department membership, putting it through a 30 day approval process.


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