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Saturday, November 28, 2015
Canajoharie, NY ,

Council appoints Klock deputy highway superintendent, talks redistricting

Saturday, March 16, 2013 - Updated: 6:33 AM


C-S-E Editor

CANAJOHARIE — On Friday morning, John Klock was appointed town of Canajoharie deputy highway superintendent. The board made the decision to appoint Klock Thursday evening during a meeting they had postponed one week following the unexpected death of Town Highway Superintendent Eric Bowerman on Thursday, March 7.

After Thursday's salute to the flag, the board held a moment of silence for Bowerman, who worked as town highway superintendent for seven years and three months. He was described by town board members Thursday as an incredibly loyal, dependable employee and friend. He was also Councilmember John Toomey, Jr.'s son-in-law.

Supervisor Herb Allen noted that Bowerman was a continually devoted employee, stating "I can say that he was smart, he was loyal, always ready to dig in — he ever held off on anything." He was never one to relax on the job, said Allen.

Councilmember Rodney Young agreed, stating, "He was very good at his job. The highest standards of what you could do at that job, he did."

Councilmember William Armitstead added of Bowerman, "He did a good job looking out for the town's finances. He got the grants, he took care of the roads — the employees all seemed to get along with him," stating that he felt Bowerman did a great job in the position.

Klock will remain deputy highway superintendent until the next town election, in the fall of 2013, at which time residents will vote to fill the position.

Allen read a letter recently received from the Montgomery County Board of Elections. In the letter, Election Commissioners Terrance J. Smith and Jamie M. Duchessi "invite any members of the town council to join in redistricting the town's election districts," Allen said.

Viewing a map of the legislative districts, Allen said that Canajoharie, which has three districts and two polling places, currently has 1,080 voting in the village, which is nearly at the 1,100 capacity. 

Allen said that the goal would be to move some residents from one voting district to another by drawing new lines.

After a discussion about the plan, which Allen said the commissioners want created by April 1, Young and Armitstead agreed to visit the board of elections office in Fonda to seek more information regarding the redistricting.

Allen informed the board that a town resident recently questioned whether a special permit is required to hold a musical gathering. Board members agreed to research the issue, noting that if the town doesn't have any regulations established, they'll likely refer to county or state regulations.


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