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Sunday, June 26, 2016
Canajoharie, NY ,

Joshua Thomas
CYC Director Dontay Fowler, right, and the after-school program kids (many future summer program attendees) of the CYC, would like to thank the donors who help to keep the CYC open and operational.


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Thursday, June 19, 2014 - Updated: 8:02 AM


C-S-E Editor

CANAJOHARIE -- The Canajoharie Community Youth Center's Summer Program is just about ready to begin. Sign ups for the six week program began last week, and they will remain open through the entirety of the program, allowing parents to choose the level at which their kids will attend.

The program, which runs each week day from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. from July 7 through August 15, is $75 per child, which includes a free breakfast and lunch each day (through a program in coordination with the Canajoharie Central School District). CCSD also provides brown bag lunches for field trip days.

While CYC Director Dontay Fowler said Tuesday, "$75 is a bargain for all the programs we're going to be doing this summer," he understands that not every family can afford the price, especially families with multiple children -- and especially right now, when numerous sports and local program sign ups are taking place.

Therefore, Fowler is seeking sponsorships. 18 have been received so far, almost half of the 40 donated to the CYC last year, and Fowler noted that any left over money will be used to defray the cost ($23 per student) of the summer's big trip to Water Slide World in Lake George.

Fowler also said that many students aren't around for the entirety of the program, as some families go on vacation. He explained that families who aren't here during the duration of the program may approach him to negotiate a different price. "If you ask, it makes a world of difference," Fowler stated.

Fowler said that he wants there to be equal opportunities for every child.

"I hate to turn away a family for financial reasons. We'll figure it out."

Fowler said that he's incredibly appreciative of the sponsorships received so far, and for the ones received last year -- many from repeat donors. "The community has really helped out a lot," he said.

Trips taking place as part of the summer program also include a day in Oneonta at the Butterfly Conservatory. Fowler has planned that event in coordination with a teen program at the Canajoharie Library, in case teen participants decide not to go on the trip. Instead, they'll be provided a second option -- an up-cycle challenge where they'll get to turn discarded items into art.

A few of the CYC's summer programs have been planned in coordination with the Canajoharie Library's. Fowler said, "I think the cooperation between our programs is a good thing. It's an important thing to have our library there. Not all communities around us have a library as nice as ours. The more I can get our kids over there to see the art work, the better."

A child-friendly fitness center is also currently under construction at the CYC, for which donations are also being accepted. The Winsman family donated $5,000 to get the project started. The Children's Aid Foundation and Wal-Mart have also donated $1,500 each.

Walls are currently up in the future fitness center, and work is continuing this week, with the facility being sheet-rocked and painted.

Funding for the fitness center, noted Fowler, will be used to purchase child-size exercise equipment, which will set this center apart from other adult-oriented local facilities. Donations will also be used to purchase adult spin bikes so that parents can work out with their kids. Once the bikes have been purchased, spin classes will be announced.

The CYC has also just hired four new staff members to help with the summer program, along with eight CIT (Counselors In Training) volunteers.

To contact the CYC, 9 Erie Blvd., with questions or donations, call (518) 673-5117.


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