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Tuesday, June 28, 2016
Canajoharie, NY ,

Joshua Thomas
The Village of Canajoharie DPW headquarters was flooded with three inches of water, mud and debris. Shown here is their flooded break room.

Joshua Thomas
The underground culvert system passing through Canajoharie Water Filtration Plant property in Palatine Bridge could not handle Thursday's heavy rain -- nor could the rock-ditch surrounding the water table -- and the entire clean water system was covered with flood water, infiltrating and compromising the village's clean drinking water.

Joshua Thomas
While a stream usually passes underground through Canajoharie Water Filtration Plant property, emptying through the now-exposed culvert system, a surge of above-ground water washed out a large section of land Thursday.

Joshua Thomas
A fire hydrant on the Palatine Bridge side of the NYS Thruway bridge drains the village of Canajoharie water table, which was compromised by Thursday evening's heavy rain.


Village of Canajoharie issues boil water order

Friday, August 22, 2014 - Updated: 9:39 AM

CANAJOHARIE — There's a boil water order in effect until further notice for village of Canajoharie residents. The Canajoharie Water Filtration Plant, located at the corner of Gerhartz and Groff roads in Palatine Bridge, was infiltrated by Thursday's heavy rain, compromising the clean water table.

The underground stream flowing through filtration plant property couldn't handle Thursday evening's deluge, sending the water above ground, directly over the clean water table.

"The water was all the way across the whole thing and it got into the tank," said DPW Superintendent Jeff Swartz, who said that while the tank isn't "full" of flood water, "enough got in there to contaminate the drinking water."

When Swartz arrived to survey the scene at the filtration plant Thursday around 8 p.m., he said the storm water was already covering the clean water system, which is surrounded by a rock-lined ditch that usually diverts any water that the underground culvert system can't handle.

The water table is currently being emptied, flushed with clean water, and re-filled. Swartz said he expects it to be back online within a few days. Until then, the village of Canajoharie will utilize water from a two million gallon storage tank on Smith St., which can supply the village for 3-4 days.

Though the water being supplied to the village by the Smith St. tank is clean, the boil water order was issued as a safety precaution.

Also, a stream behind the Canajoharie DPW headquarters, on Old Fort Plain Road, infiltrated the facility. Three inches of water, mud and debris flowed right through the building, ruining anything that was on the ground. Though Swartz said he thinks the village's large equipment should be alright, one dump truck was "right in the middle of it all." Busy cleaning up and repairing damage in the village Friday morning, DPW employees hadn't yet found an opportunity to survey the vehicle's damage.


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