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Sunday, July 24, 2016
Canajoharie, NY ,

Joshua Thomas
Canajoharie Mayor Francis Avery points out a spot where an exposed, non-functioning, cast iron pipe was removed from the Canajoharie Creek.

Joshua Thomas
The end of the non-functioning cast iron pipe that previously ran across Canajoharie Creek, snagging debris and impeding water flow.

Joshua Thomas
Last week, work was done to streamline and centralize the flow of the Canajoharie Creek in the Mill St. vicinity.

Joshua Thomas
The property owner of a collapsed rock wall along Canajoharie Creek paid to have the area filled with heavy stone.


Village works in creek to prevent future flooding

Thursday, August 28, 2014 - Updated: 9:38 AM


C-S-E Editor

CANAJOHARIE -- The village of Canajoharie spent $25,000 last week on preventative work to streamline and control flow in the Canajoharie and Barclay St. creeks, hopefully preventing future flooding.

A minimum of six foot of debris was cleared from underneath the bridge crossing the Canajoharie Creek at Mill St. Mayor Francis Avery said that during times when the water was high, logs and debris would bang into the gas and water pipes underneath the bridge. He said that a few years ago, insulation had to be replaced after it was torn from the water pipes.

A non-functioning, 24-inch cast iron pipe running across the creek was also exposed, impeding the water flow. That pipe was removed during last week's work, which took place from Monday through Wednesday. Beside the cast iron pipe, an old, highly deteriorated wooden pipe was also exposed.

The banks of the creek were cleaned and built up, with a half dozen trees removed from the sides using an excavator. Now that there's no obstacles in the creek and the flow has been centralized, keeping the water from cascading along the edges and undermining the rock walls, DPW Superintendent Jeffrey Swartz said, "there's just a nice straight flow through the area."

"Water will flow a lot faster and freer."

A ditch was also dug at Carlisle Road to intercept rain water that usually runs down Barclay St., sending it to the Canajoharie Creek. Water from quick storms usually overruns the small drainage area that runs underground from Barclay St. to the creek, which repeatedly caused the flooding of homes and streets in the area.

It's been happening during "every big storm", Swartz explained.

He noted Friday that while the drainage ditch did its job with the 2.5 inches of water on Wednesday night, Thursday's storm was too much to handle, and the area again overflowed.

The DPW worked with the town of Canajoharie removing brush, while the work in the creek was completed by BBL Trucking. The village had to get the work done by September, at which time a permit to work in the creek issued by the New York State Department of Economic Conservation will expire.


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