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Monday, July 25, 2016
Canajoharie, NY ,

Joshua Thomas - Director Jon Cring, right, blocks a scene at the Pineapple House with Paul Mischeshin and Ali Stover.

Joshua Thomas - Melissa Bowley chats with Tracy Nichole Cring.

Joshua Thomas - Susan Kirby plays piano during a Wednesday evening church service scene shot at the United Methodist Church on Saturday.

Joshua Thomas - Paul Mischeshin and Ali Stover, as Jamison and Terese Bellamy, rehearse Thursday.


‘And See All The People’ starts its shooting locally

Thursday, November 11, 2010 - Updated: 11:57 AM


C-S-E Editor

CANAJOHARIE — The Extra/Ordinary Film Project crew began filming their new production And See All The People on November 3, shooting locally starting November 4 at the Pineapple House Bed & Breakfast, also shooting four of the film’s scenes at the United Methodist Church on November 5 and 13, including the Sunday morning church service that opens the film — a scene that attracted over 70 extras.

Local sophomore Melissa Bowley, who has starred in many of the Canajoharie-Fort Plain Drama Club’s productions, will be seen in her first feature film role, playing the part of Pastor Jamison Bellamy’s only daughter Camelia. Bowley filmed her first scenes on Thursday at the Pineapple House Bed & Breakfast, 63 Otsego Street, Canajoharie.

As she prepared to film, Bowley read her script and paced the Pineapple House’s entryway, stating that she was “nervous and excited,” comparing the nerves to “first night show nerves.”

Director Jon Russell Cring first learned of Bowley’s acting abilities when requesting the use of the United Methodist Church, 50 East Main Street. Cring visited the Bowley home and spoke to Melissa for a few minutes, telling her, “you really need to try out for this part.” Bowley was instantly excited, “even though,” she said, “I was kind of scared.”  Her conversation with Cring led to a phone audition, during which she read the script. Impressed, Cring awarded her the part right then and there.

The scene filmed on Thursday depicted the pastor and his wife’s confrontation with Camelia. “In this scene, they have to confront their daughter because someone in the church took pictures of her kissing a boy,” said Cring. “They want to nip it in the bud,” he explained of the gossip quickly spreading through Pastor Bellamy’s congregation.

Filming for And See All The People began Wednesday, November 3, at Glendale Nursing Home in Schenectady, with an emotional scene depicting the death of a parishioner. The movie is not being filmed in sequence, as films rarely are, as Cring said “when making an independent film, you have to deal with people’s schedules.”

“You figure out what works best,” said Cring, noting that numerous actors are traveling from New York City for a small amount of time. Their scenes have to be filmed “in a fell swoop.”

Shooting at the Pineapple House took place over the course of four days, with Cring stating of owners Janine and Bill Nelson, “they’re the most accommodating people you’ve ever met in your life.” They moved items, provided food and coffee, and generally took an excited interest in the film’s production. The Pineapple House, said Cring, is perfect cinematically, explaining that something must look lavish in real life for it to look middle class on film.

“We’ve had a great time just hanging out with them” said Cring of the Nelsons, noting “that’s the great thing about shooting a movie. It’s so fun, and then at the end, you actually have a great piece of work to show for it.”

Cring noted that there’s a great “joy and energy” in the community. “Everybody’s really excited,” he said, continuing “everybody just wants to get involved with the whole process. It’s like the film that Canajoharie made. It really does take a village to pull something like this off. The only way we can do this is with everybody’s help, and we really appreciate them.”

Extras are needed for this Saturday’s shoot, which will take place at 9 a.m. at the United Methodist Church.


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